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Here to Help

Here to Help

We all tell stories about other people. But is that impulse born of compassion or fear?

Illustration by Gérard DuBois.

From the street, a familiar voice: “You are a fucking moron attacking a completely innocent person!”

We peer out the window through a crack in the blinds, and there she is, standing on the corner, screaming into her BlackBerry. Dressed today in high heels, a fitted skirt and matching top, carrying a coordinated handbag, the woman, as always, looks the part of the established professional; if she doesn’t work directly with money, she’s at least good at making it. She stomps down the sidewalk, stops and hollers, “I regret my choices, but I’ve stayed strong enough to resist your fucking bullshit!” This time, though, she forgets to speak into her phone.

Last spring, when Stefanie and I first saw this woman stalking around our neighbourhood, we found her funny: yuppies losing their shit in public are particular occasions for glee. Then, as ...

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