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Merely Players

For Alexander Plouffe, playing a suicidal queer teenager is hard—because it’s easy.

Editor's note: Maisonneuve regrets to inform its readers that Richard Kelly Kemick's short story "The Most Human Part of You" was removed from our website, and the issue in which the story originally appeared will no longer be available for sale, after striking similarities between his story and "The Dog of the Marriage" by Amy Hempel were discovered. Read Maisonneuve's full statement.


What I miss most about high school is its honesty. It’s not that high schoolers are terribly truthful—they’re just terrible actors. Angela isn’t living out of her car but simply forgot to shower; Brett P. is addicted to attention, not to sniffing markers; the long-haired guy in gym class doesn’t even like Led Zeppelin, just the look of naked Icarus on his T-shirt. Everyone is so beautifully transparent, like those creatures who live at the bottom of the ocean ...

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