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The Winter 2017 Book Room

In Spirit by Tara Beagan (Playwrights Canada) is a heart-rending piece of drama that distills the crisis of missing and murdered Indigenous girls and women in Canada into a singular, visceral and unforgettable presence—the sole on-stage character, a twelve-year-old named Molly. Uncertain of her location in place and time, Molly recounts the day of her disappearance, interspersed with anecdotes and reflections on her all-too-short life; her memories are interesting in their own right, and build to surprising and intelligent thematic purpose. Her production-length monologue is paired with minimal but effective staging (particularly the reconstruction of her bicycle, initially scattered across the stage in pieces) and thoughtful multimedia elements. While audiences of In Spirit’s past and future productions are to be envied, the play also reads brilliantly on the page. The specificity of Molly’s personality combined with the universality of her childishness—she is both an individual the ...

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