Register Monday | February 17 | 2020
Habitat Loss Photography by Eamon Mac Mahon.

Habitat Loss

A man arrived in Grand Bend, Ontario, believing it was a refuge for strange species. Kieran Delamont observes the fallout.

Mark Drysdale is pretty pissed off. The Amazon rainforest is still on fire, for one thing—major bummer. And then there’s the clear-cutting happening down in Madagascar, and climate change, and global extinctions—none of them good things, which is partly why he thinks everyone needs to lay off about the dozen or so lions and tigers living on his property.

“They’re fucked down there,” Drysdale says. I am pretty sure he means in Brazil. “Whether you realize it or not—you should look it up—they say we’re losing about ten species every day with this fire now. We’re losing stuff they didn’t even know was there.”

But not lions, he says. “Lions will never go extinct, I promise you that,” he tells me, leaning against a picnic table in the middle of the Roaring Cat Retreat. The Retreat is located in Grand Bend ...

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