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The Winter 2019 Music Room

Featured Album

Andy Shauf’s breakthrough album, The Party, was set entirely at a chaotic house party where friends danced, fought and fell in and out of love to a soundtrack of orchestral indie-rock gems. On its anticipated follow-up, The Neon Skyline (Arts & Crafts), the Regina-bred singer-songwriter once again invites listeners into a series of richly imagined vignettes, this time all situated in a dive bar on a single night. The cheery title track and playful single “Things I Do” sound pleasantly familiar, leaning heavily on dense vocal harmonies, a bevy of clarinets and Shauf’s lyrical hallmarks: a cast of first-name-basis characters, matter-of-fact storytelling and a tendency to overthink everything. But Skyline succeeds most when it breaks from tradition. The chorus of the pensive penultimate track, “Fire Truck,” is a sexy and skittish breakdown that’s impossible not to move to, while closer “Changer” morphs from a downbeat folk ...

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