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The Fall 2019 Music Room

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Several years ago, Daniel Caesar vagabonded from Oshawa, Ontario, to Toronto, washing dishes and living on friends’ couches while he wrote soulful slow jams. His gospel-steeped debut album, Freudian (independent), changed everything. It won him a Grammy, a spot on Barack Obama’s best-of-the-year playlist, and instant admission into the ranks of R&B royalty. Instead of apartment-hopping, he was suddenly flying from city to city, onto the next tour date or session with Kendrick Lamar. 

Labels and producers came calling, eager to make Caesar the next Weeknd with a sleek sophomore album, but he turned them down, opting instead to toil quietly for a couple years and then, unannounced, drop Case Study 01 (independent) this July. It oozes with rebellious verve, stuffed with stubbornly adventurous songwriting instead of shoe-in radio singles. Opener “Entropy” pairs slinky hooks with bristly beats before a ghostly choir melts into a deflated ...

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