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Poem For Girl Who Passed Out

Poem For Girl Who Passed Out

New poetry from Shazia Hafiz Ramji.

I am talking to my friend on a Friday night     talking 

on my phone             an unusual stranger

close like Leonard Cohen’s hand next to his heart

on Crescent Street       I am watching a girl

fall out of an Audi door        Sephora cheek 

on the pavement            in the club-glow 

            skin is the colour of Lenny’s hand

skin as she folds out on the road like a velvet calf

    silver rim-teeth slowed        she will be okay

she will be okay        her friend is wearing a halo

from Dollarama            a GHB-slowed walk

she will be okay    it’s Halloween    it’s three a.m. 

there is nothing and no one here   except men

who would call me sister and then  the angel

hooks her arms    drags her friend to the sidewalk

nobody steps out of the lineup behind them

nobody crosses the street to give them a hand

somebody will want ...

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