Register Monday | July 6 | 2020

Highs and Lows

Letter from Montreal.

When I glance out the window of my home office, I see the iconic cross atop Mount Royal. The base of “the Mountain”—as Montrealers call the modest triple-peaked hill in the middle of the island—is 771 metres from my front door. (The kind of trivial information you know when you’re a runner-slash-data-geek with a GPS-equipped watch.) 

Mount Royal has been my unofficial backyard (or, more precisely, front yard) for the past three decades. I run there in the morning. I walk across it on my way to work, and home again. When out-of-towners visit, the first order of business is a jaunt to the Kondiaronk Belvedere, where there is a breathtaking view of downtown Montreal, complete with its Leonard Cohen mural, and the St. Lawrence River—a ritual that makes you feel you’ve earned the subsequent visit to Schwartz’s or La Banquise. 

I’ve always ...

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