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The Summer 2020 Book Room

The Summer 2020 Book Room

Songs for the End of the World

“We often turn to stories for guidance when the world frightens us,” writes Saleema Nawaz in Songs for the End of the World (McClelland & Stewart). As she worked on this novel for the last seven years, the plot was merely a work of fiction. Now, Nawaz’s imagined story—in which the world is overcome by a pandemic—parallels our contemporary reality with an eerie accuracy. Nawaz’s plot unfolds in New York City, over the summer of 2020, examining how the catastrophe affects various people’s interconnected lives. Moving between different perspectives and time periods, it’s slowly revealed how the characters are related. Mostly, their lives are linked by a mysterious girl who is known to have been at the first site of infection. Songs for the End of the World is a world apart from many of the dystopian stories ...

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