Register Monday | July 6 | 2020

Final Sale

When you’re sheltering in place, shopping doesn’t make much sense. So why is it so hard to stop doing it?

Shotgun. Roll It. Shatter. Dank.

Each word corresponds to an appropriately grungy shade of eyeshadow: neon green, tobacco brown, rich amber, deep khaki. There are more. Six more, to be precise—all inspired by weed and stamped with the same intricate design: marijuana leaves curling up towards heaven or the sun. Those shapes won’t last. The first time each eyeshadow is used the pattern will start to muddy, to blur. Eventually a fluffy brush will sweep away all evidence the designs ever existed. There’s something inexplicably beautiful to me about how temporary these details are, how someone knew they would be temporary, but took the time and care to make them lovely anyway. Maybe beauty was never meant to be permanent.

It’s 4 AM. If my husband, lightly snoring in bed next to me, were to turn and look at me, my face would be lit up ...

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