Register Sunday | January 17 | 2021
In Good Faith Illustration by Sam Island.

In Good Faith

After going to a faith healer, Dominik Parisien could see magical thinking all around him—and who it hurt.

There was a different kind of dark at the compound we had driven into, hours away from the lights of Ottawa, and the stars above shone clearer than any that Mom had ever seen. They felt like a good omen, she told me later.

I was fifteen at the time. I don’t remember the stars that night looking remarkable. The lights that caught my eye were coming from the row of cars alongside ours leading into the com-pound, called the Dal-Grotto Mission. A few headlights punctured the darkness in the makeshift parking lot, illuminating the interior of the vehicles. I figured there were sick children, or teenagers like me, asleep in the back seats. I tried to guess from the faces I could see what these people had come to cure. Cancer. Depression. Brain damage. Chronic pain. 

Occasionally, a new arrival’s beams lit up the area. They gave ...

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