Register Monday | April 19 | 2021
Queer Atmosphere

Queer Atmosphere

“ETA ten minutes,” my friend Hunter texts me. I know that means they’ll probably be here in twenty, but I don’t mind. I’ve always felt comfortable sitting alone at Notre Dame Des Quilles. 

On any given night at the queer bar, I might see three people I sort of know, someone I briefly dated, and my best friend’s horrible ex—all while some straight person drunkenly tries to bowl in the wooden lanes the place is named after. Tonight it’s especially busy, so I sling my jacket over one of the tables at the back to guard my spot.

After Hunter arrives, we try to decide if the queers at the table across from us are on a first date. Just when we agree it seems a bit awkward, one of them sits on the other’s lap and they start making out. We look ...

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