Register Monday | April 19 | 2021

The Spring 2021 Music Room

New music from The Weather Station, mara wild, Yu Su, and Kae Sun


Ignorance (Next Door), Tamara Lindeman’s fourth record as The Weather Station, is a record about rhythm. Like many other folk-influenced artists, the Toronto singer-songwriter has expanded and reimagined her sound, which now includes sultry strings, curious saxophones and playful synths. It’s the first album she’s written on keys instead of guitar, and the shift gives her compositions a fresh sense of space and depth. The songs have a new groove—Lindeman’s band is the record’s beating heart. They announce themselves on the opener, “Robber,” swelling in via an extended jam before Lindeman’s voice finally arrives, cool as air. This is still her show, though. There may be less room for her wordy poetry, but the lyrics that do shine through are as imagistic as ever. On “Atlantic,” she sings of watching a sunset and trying to forget bleak news headlines. On “Tried to ...

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