Register Monday | April 19 | 2021

Working from Home

The man whose apartment mine looks into has two daughters

in, I’d guess, their early teens. He works from home, on two computer screens

that face me, a changing lineup of street maps and aerial photos.

At first I mistook the daughters for young employees, one of them,

the first time I saw them arrive, grasping his shoulders while he sat

at the desk, the other flouncing onto the sofa, the silhouette

of her legs over its arm. And I wondered what kind of operation

he was running over there. But then something subtle

in their manner, collectively, set me straight.

He always has to work a little longer after

they arrive home and sometimes I’ll catch him doing even

a bit more as I’m turning down my blinds when the dark

has fully dropped.

My own desk is also the kitchen table and after several

iterations ...

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