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Up On The Roof

Up On The Roof

Letter from Montreal

“Wait there,” I say over my shoulder to my date, whose face blurs in the purple light of early sunrise. “I’ve done this a million times.” 

It’s not true—I’ve watched someone else do it, but I feign confidence. I hoist myself on top of the recycling bin, armpits slick with summer sweat, and yank the rusted metal of the fire escape ladder, meant to be tucked out of reach, so that its first step meets the garbage-puddled concrete of the alley. I jump back onto the ground and place a foot on the metal slats. “Come on,” I say, with what I hope is a rakish grin. “The trick is not to look down.” 

My date follows me hesitantly up the swaying five-storey stairway. Once we reach the top, uncertainty turns to elation. “This is incredible,” they say, surveying the extensive, multilevel rooftop. I lead them ...

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