Register Thursday | February 9 | 2023
Occasion Illustration by Zane Lee/Unsplash  


I inherited my mother’s clothing when she died. Most of the blouses were wrinkled, the sweaters flecked with tiny moth holes. She hadn’t kept her clothing in pristine condition as others do, anticipating their departure from this world. Wealthy families install temperature-controlled walk-in closets or hire professionals to inspect their garments for pests or mould. My mother had died suddenly and so she hadn’t made the usual preparations, designating who would get her wedding dress, her favourite pair of heels, the clothing she’d worn on ordinary days. Or maybe because I was her only daughter it was obvious that I would inherit the items infused with her memories, and it would fall to me to remember her past selves from an earlier life. 

I sorted the dresses and skirts bundled at the back of the closet into piles to donate and piles I planned to take ...

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