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The Winter 2022 Music Room

AlvvaysBlue Rev

The first Alvvays record came out the summer I was eighteen. It perfectly captured the sunny loneliness of youth, all jangly guitars and careful longing. Almost a decade later, their powerhouse third record Blue Rev (Polyvinyl) takes that precision of feeling and turns it into something massive. Wailing guitars and shimmering synths engulf the world while Molly Rankin tells a razor-sharp story about a brake light or a bad decision.

“Ever lay back and watch the sunrise? / Ever hear violins in your mind?” Rankin sings on what might be the first ever shoegaze karaoke classic, “Easy On Your Own?” She cites Alice Munro as an inspiration and the writer’s influence is keenly felt in Rankin’s short stories of fantasies fading. On the crystalline “Velveteen,” a lover gets in shape for someone else. On the unwieldy, enthralling “Belinda Says,” a pregnant woman waits tables in Nova ...

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