Register Saturday | July 13 | 2024
Fractions Image: Artem Militonian/Unsplash


Translation by Katia Grubisic.

I wake up. I’m lying on my stomach, in bedsheets that would feel like clouds if they weren’t grimy with remorse. I turn over. Victor is still snoring, one arm draped over his eyes against the early-morning sun. A rivulet of spittle begins its descent down his chin, and the sight of it traces a smile on my face. I stand up, a little shaky, still drunk from the night before. I’ve never really liked staying over. I don’t sleep well. I try to fit my night-mind to theirs, but they don’t match, and my dreams end up all disjointed. 

His cat patters down the hall. He knows somebody’s awake. He looks at me strangely, wondering who Victor turned into overnight. He paces around his food bowl. 

I was like a cannonball in the messy apartment, the floor littered with empty bottles. I pressed ...

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