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Christopher Watt

Muammar Gaddafi Died Special

We were used to laughing at him. But there was something pitiable and human in Gaddafi's final, bloody moments.

Martyrdom and 9/11

Ten years after September 11—and in the wake of Osama bin Laden’s death and the rise of the Arab Spring—what does it mean to be a martyr?

Does Syria's Uprising Stand a Chance?

The Syrian revolution is unique in the Arab Spring, but the regime is using technology, regional support and its history of brutality to fight back.

What Is At Stake in Bahrain?

The tiny island nation—where major powers like the US, Iran and Saudi Arabia battle for influence—is a bellwether for the entire Gulf region.

Being Muammar Gaddafi

It's easy to dismiss Libya's dictator as a mad eccentric, but you don't stay in power for four decades without considerable political savvy.

Be Afraid

Do you believe that illegal immigrants are stealing our jobs? Or that sexual deviants lurk in every neighbourhood? You’re not alone.

Iraq’s Walking Dead

Christopher Watt journeys to Amna Suraka Prison—Ground Zero for Kurdish Iraqis—and finds both victory and defeat standing still.