Register Sunday | October 1 | 2023

Salvatore Ciolfi

The New Gold Rush

As the price of gold skyrockets, modern-day prospectors are turning to Tupperware-style "gold parties" and mail-in companies like Cash4Gold.

Adult Language

The internet has changed the way porn writers depict sex. How one man nearly became a scribe of smut.

Death of a Sports Fan

A lapsed sports believer spends a day watching ESPN classics in an attempt to get that lovin' feeling again.

Pod People

Nespresso—a widely popular espresso machine that uses individual capsules or pods—is the latest thing in high-end coffee. Fans call it the future of coffee. The experience, however, may not be all it's cracked up to be.

Earplugs Unplugged

Musicians revile them and everyone else thinks they’re for worrywarts, but in a world of escalating urban noise, those cheap foamy substances are nothing to laugh at.