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Double lives 2006

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The Talented Mr. Lipsett

In 1961, an unassuming young Canadian filmmaker single-handedly ignited an era of radical filmmaking.

Persian Dub

In this memoir of 1970s Tehran, Abou Farman recalls John Wayne, Cowboy Bazi and the "genius of dub" that remade the West in Iran's image.

The Good Soldier

The Israeli Defence Forces is one of the toughest armies in the world. As a young man, Canadian writer Asa Boxer moved to Israel and was drafted, only to confront the true meaning of patriotism and sacrifice.

Toro! Toro!

Get out of the traffic and into the ring. Duncan McDowall explains how affluent Californians are trading in their surfboards and running shoes for estoques and mulettas

Stripped Bare

Demure university student by day, stripper at a notorious Edmonton club by night, Shannon Quinn led a double life. Here she recalls her last night on the job.

Ask The Indian

Is the white man causing you stress? Are you stressed out about being white? I wanna help you people deal with it “in a good way.”