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Tenth Anniversary: Spring 2012

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New Dimensions

DIY 3D-printing geeks are building machines that can spit out everything from pliers to guns. But will the technology really transform modern manufacturing?

Face the Music

How can someone who passionately loves music also be a terrible singer? Tim Falconer takes up voice lessons—and discovers the surprising science of tone deafness.

The Big Job

As a teenager, Deni Y. Béchard went to Vancouver to live with his father, an ex-con with a penchant for telling tall tales. He met a man desperate to forget the past.

The Antagonist

Eccentric actor-activist Donovan King has waged a decade-long campaign against the Montreal Fringe Festival. He’s caused plenty of headaches—and divided the city’s tiny anglophone theatre scene.

The Death of Networks

Occupy and the Arab Spring are often glowingly compared to the decentralized, democratic internet. But that very similarity may have doomed these movements from the beginning.