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Maisonneuve Nominated for 14 National Magazine Awards

May 1, 2013

We're thrilled to announce that Maisonneuve received fourteen National Magazine Award nominations today, including for coveted prizes like Best Single Issue, Magazine Covers and Best New Magazine Writer. This puts Maisonneuve among the top ten most-nominated magazines for the fifth year in a row, and it's Maisonneuve's second-best tally yet, on the heels of our sixteen nominations in 2011. (In 2012, Maisonneuve won Magazine of the Year—the industry's most prestigious prize.) 

Congratulations to all our contributors and editors, as well as to all of the worthy nominees from Canada’s many wonderful magazines!

Maisy’s nominations:

Best Single Issue
Drew Nelles, Amelia Schonbek, Anna Minzhulina
Issue 43: Tenth Anniversary Issue—Spring 2012

Magazine Covers
Anna Minzhulina
Issue 45—Fall 2012

Best New Magazine Writer
Chris Hampton
"The Place Where Art Sleeps" (Issue 45—Fall 2011)

Arts & Entertainment
Chandler Levack
"Visions of the Future" (Issue 44—Summer 2012)

Arts & Entertainment
John Semley
"The Heavy Revolution" (Issue 43—Spring 2012)

Best Short Feature
Jonathan Montpetit
"Notes From the End of the War" (Issue 45—Fall 2012)

Health & Medicine
Tim Falconer
"Face the Music" (Issue 43—Spring 2012)

Health & Medicine
Alison Motluk
"Is Egg Donation Dangerous?" (Issue 46—Winter 2012)

Investigative Reporting
Alison Motluk
"Is Egg Donation Dangerous?" (Issue 46—Winter 2012)

One of a Kind
Drew Nelles
"Wild Justice" (Issue 44—Summer 2012)

Personal Journalism
Susan Olding
"In Anna Karenina Furs" (Issue 46—Winter 2012)

Politics & Public Interest
Andrea Bennett
"Unmasked" (Issue 46—Winter 2012)

Eric Andrew-Gee
"What's Eating Little Portugal?" (Issue 45—Fall 2012)

Photojournalism & Photo Essay
Aaron Vincent Elkaim
"The Jews of Morocco" (Issue 46—Winter 2012)

Winners are announced on June 7 in Toronto.

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