Register Wednesday | March 21 | 2018
The God Machine Photographs by Alex Waber.

The God Machine

Every Friday morning, Jessica and Sally have a routine. After the big hand and the little hand hit twelve, after the lunch bell rings and Mrs. Finnegan dismisses the class, the girls clasp hands and curtsy—Jessica had to teach Sally how to curtsy—and walk outside. They walk arm in arm, because otherwise Sally tries to eat while they walk, which can lead to choking, and when they cross the front lawn of the elementary school, Jessica makes Sally pause and look both ways. Sally could die if Jessica isn’t looking out for her. Jessica has never had a friend like Sally before. The other kids don’t get Jessica, according to her mother. You’re a particular sort of girl, she said once. Of interest to collectors. Sally is the first person in grade three to like gods as much as Jessica does.

When the cars slow ...

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