Register Monday | April 6 | 2020
New Horizons Illustration by Eve Saint Jean.

New Horizons

New fiction by Helen Chau Bradley.

I cringe as the words leave my mouth, even though I’m not speaking to anyone other than myself, me in the mirror. Not even the mirror, actually, just the semi-reflective surface of the fridge door. I can only handle my own image in hazy form. It’s not like I haven’t tried. I’ve read the think pieces on decolonizing beauty, I’ve thumbed the self-care articles written by my peers, I’ve tried acupuncture and therapy and meditation. But all these supposed cures have only left me despising myself more. Here I am, mumbling my abject truth. Gross and embarrassing. I open the fridge even though I know it’s empty. 

It’s nearly time. I force myself out into the sun’s white blaze. In this city, spring’s arrival offers no idyllic flush of leaves and flowers. It’s bare and bright, a bracing slap ...

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