Register Saturday | January 22 | 2022

Six People Per Day

A photo essay.

More than twenty thousand people have died from a drug overdose in Canada over the past five years. My dad was one of them. 

My dad was fun. He taught me how to make things. He taught me how to make a cherry pie from scratch, using cherries from the tree outside of his house. We made a go-kart, a jewelry box for my grandma, a board game and sprawling Lego cities. We made our own root beer floats at McDonald’s. We grew pumpkins in a dirt patch he cut out of the grass behind his apartment, and he taught me about compost. We raked leaves in the fall and by spring we had dirt for the garden. 

My dad was cool. He had a waterbed and he let me roll his cigarettes. We played Go Fish and told each other to “Go fish in a mud puddle!” and ...

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