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Fall 2009

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Mr. Sue-per-man

Jonathan Lee Riches seems determined to drag every star athlete, dead monarch and inanimate object into court—that’s if the zombies don’t get him first.

Drawn and Quartered

Montreal's plan to turn a square kilometre of downtown real estate into a “republic of culture" has left smaller arts communities afraid for their survival

The Great Comeback

Twenty years ago, Dave Bidini’s musical career was in a funk. Then a chance encounter with a jazz legend turned it all around.

Books Not Bombs

A profile of a literary landmark: Jerusalem’s Tmol Shilshom café.


" It’s not your fault, Jimmy says, and he starts crying too. Somebody said they thought he slipped you something . . ." Winner of the 2008 SLS Non-Fiction Contest

Citizen Uprising

The newspaper is dead, but can an upstart citizen media really replace it? The definitive Canadian account of journalism's changing face.