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When the Monks Come to Town

A mysterious Buddhist organization recently arrived on Prince Edward Island with millions of dollars and a taste for organic farming. The monks and their followers are friendly—until you start asking too many questions.

Old Wounds

Aboriginal women face staggering rates of domestic violence, especially on remote reserves.

Sad Food

From “funeral pie” to Party Chicken, the meals we eat following a death say a great deal about the way we mourn.

First Do No Harm

Are doctors and drug companies to blame for the opioid-abuse crisis? After two shocking deaths in small-town Ontario, Ann Silversides reports from one of the largest coroner’s inquests in Canadian history.

Nerds in the Wood

Geocaching—a hyper-modern treasure hunt that uses GPS signals and mathematical clues—is luring millions of techies away from their computers.

Social Disease

The phrase “going viral” used to conjure images of sickness and death. Now, it describes the outbreak of ideas online—and our choice of words is more apt than we realize.