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13 Aphorisms

13 Aphorisms

A selection from George Murray's new book, Glimpse.

  1. After happy hour, things get back to how they were—an overpriced sadness, or acceptance, which is just sadness without regret.
  2. Second to none does not mean the best, unless you believe in absences.
  3. All writing is a bit like wearing a toupée—those who can get away with it do,  but those who can’t look like fools. Poetry, in turn, is like jogging in a toupée.
  4. Being in one’s element means, essentially, being alone.
  5. Luck: being born with two lazy eyes that wander the same way.   
  6. Rubble becomes ruin when the tourists arrive.
  7. “Both” is the choice of kings.
  8. Looking is grooming from a distance.
  9. If Noah came today, he’d be hard-pressed to find two of each of us.
  10. There’s nothing like the unexpected divorce of friends to remind you you’re not watching closely enough.
  11. DNA rhymes with T and A.
  12. Until you’ve seen some sign of your prey, you’re not hunting, you’re walking.
  13. You holiday with death for awhile, then it’s back to work.

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