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Spring 2010

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Mean Streets

Sex tourism destroys the lives of millions of children every year, but activists are getting better at stopping Canadian predators in their tracks.

True Gender

When the Ontario government stopped funding Sex Reassignment Surgery, transsexuals panicked—then embraced the opportunity.

Shoot it Harder, Lads!

At a soccer tournament in Melbourne, a recovering drug addict and ex-soldier taught Dave Bidini that when you love the beautiful game, talent is optional.

Shock of the Old

Luddites moan the iPad, Kindle and other e-readers spell the death of books. The ongoing popularity of vinyl records proves otherwise: the best technologies stick around.


150,000 people have already been laid to rest; 300,000 are injured; one and a half million homeless. The 2009 winner of the Prix Médicis tells the story of a people dealing with disaster.