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Christopher DeWolf

Cardinal Direction

In Venice, Christopher DeWolf reports, Indigenous architecture gets its due.

Good Night and Good Luck

Hong Kong’s Foreign Correspondents’ Club was once the favoured watering hole of veteran reporters, inspiring classic novels and countless brawls.

I Dream a Highway

To fix a crumbling emblem, Montreal must think big once more.

Urban Illusions

Hatakeyama brings scaled-down cities to Montreal

How Green Is Your Alley?

Montrealer Sandra Lee starts an eco-revolution in Chinatown, one person at a time.

You Are Being Watched

The Lives of Others and Red Road: two new films that put surveillance society under observation

Hotshots, Long Shots

The 35th Festival du Nouveau Cinéma showcases the good, the obscure and the surprising in local film

Signs of the Times

Montreal’s “Farine Five Roses” may soon come down, taking with it a piece of city lore

Godzillaplex vs. the Arthouse

Cinema du Parc in Montreal & the Revue in Toronto—Why are Canada’s best rep cinemas dying one by one?

The Urban Eye

The flâneur is alive and sauntering in the modern metropolis

The Machine Effect

The limitations of Montreal’s municipal party system meant the recent election wasn’t about vision … but there’s reason for hope

NIMBY or Knee-Jerk?

Is a residents group’s resistance to development of Toronto’s Saint Clair Avenue a knee-jerk reaction?

Up on a Rooftop

Greening Montreal’s roofs just makes sense. So what are we waiting for?

Global City

On Hong Kong’s multi-ethnic character

Hit the Brakes

The Slow movement is gaining steam. Don’t get left at the head of the pack.

Going West

Scenes From Canada's Western Metropolises

Market Potential

How Public Markets Breathe Life into Urban Decline

Jean-Talon Market

Montreal’s Four-Seasons Indoor–Outdoor Public Market

Post These Bills

Posters Aren’t Just Urban Clutter, For Many They’re the Only Way to Get a Message Out

Getting to Know the Plex

An Urban Housing Solution That’s Invigorating Neighbourhoods from Chicago to Montreal.

Sex and the City

Our Attitude Toward Prostitution Is the Worst Mix of Moralism and Hypocrisy—Here’s How to Change It

City Murmurs

Magazines and New Media Are Tapping into Our Cities’ Unconscious

Calgary's Conundrum

Will the East Village's Innovative Make-over Hurt the City's Poor?

Bad Traffic

Projet Montréal and the Promise of Car Free Day

Tunnel Vision

Why Urban Transit is Suffering in Provincial Hands

Mile End

Montreal's Hamlet Beneath the Hill

La Belle Ville

Balconies have an architectural flourish with deep roots in the city's culture