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Testing the Waters Photo by Alana Riley & Brian Morgan.

Testing the Waters

A few citizens in Saskatchewan doubted the official account of an oil spill. But what could they do?

Beverly Boe and her teenaged son Jesse carry the plates and tall red cups they’ve brought from home to the KFC counter. “No plastic, please,” says Boe, just to be sure. The clerk, in turn, hands Boe her plate with the mashed potatoes and gravy encased in their usual styrofoam, squished down with a plastic lid.

“I think you’ve missed the point,” Boe says calmly.

Still committed to the cause, Jesse tweets out pictures of their attempt to avoid oil-based products like plastic. Boe celebrates the effort on Facebook.

“Hope you walked and didn’t drive your car,” someone comments, snarkily.

Boe fires back: “Can I walk around naked then? Because even our clothing is made using oil.”

There aren’t many people like Boe in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. The former mill city of thirty-five thousand in central Saskatchewan is known as the province’s resource-rich “Gateway to ...

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