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Summer 2009

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The Blogfathers

Italy's Senate recently approved a bill that could wipe Italian bloggers off the face of the internet forever.

Be Afraid

Do you believe that illegal immigrants are stealing our jobs? Or that sexual deviants lurk in every neighbourhood? You’re not alone.

Whoa, Calgary!

With oil workers laid off and construction halted, Canada’s fastest city has discovered the Slow movement (from the Summer 2009 issue)

The X Factor

AIDS researchers have struggled to find a cure for the disease for thirty years. But what if they have it all wrong?

Net Loss

Why the Canadian government must step in to keep the internet free from control and open to innovation.

Mongolian Invasions

In 1206, Genghis Khan forged an empire that stretched from Korea to Kiev. When Dave Bidini visited the country 800 years later, he found a land that dreamed of reclaiming domination—this time with pucks.