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Winter 2009

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My Brother’s Keeper

Liberia has emerged from a civil war of mind-numbing brutality. You can fix the roads, but how do you heal an entire population?

Old Gays

The generation that launched the queer-rights movement is entering its golden years. Some are still in no hurry to step out of the closet. Translated by Valerie Howes.

Soldier's Heart

You’ve returned from a traumatizing tour of duty, suicidal and haunted by images you can’t forget. Why won’t the military help?

Members Only

It is an important rite of passage: the breakup of the band you once loved. Dave Bidini recalls the friendship that sank with New Wave.

Behind the Firewall

The internet’s power to take down tyranny lies beyond Twitter. Jon Evans on the high-tech programs every despot should fear.

Outlaw Country

Collapsed industries, racist policies and cancer are topics most country bands avoid. But five musicians—Toronto's One Hundred Dollars—are rebooting Canada’s gritty folk tradition.

Kill Them All

Eight hundred years ago, crusaders slaughtered twenty thousand people in Languedoc, France. Today, fascination with the massacre has turned the region into a tourist trap.

A More Perfect Union

The border between Canada and the United States pits two great countries against each other. Les Horswill makes the case for a greater North American federation.

The Happiness Project

Endless economic growth hasn’t made us happier, so why do governments still tie well-being to wealth? Presenting a new, made-in-Canada benchmark for progress.

My Choice

For A.M. Hinton, abortion was simply another issue to debate over drinks. Then she became pregnant.

Generation Geek

At a time when comic book culture has never been more mainstream -- or more lucrative -- where’s the line between wannabe and true believer?

The Not-Quite Novel

In their scramble to find the next breakthrough book, publishers are marketing awkward hybrids that are neither literary enough to last nor commercial enough to entertain.

The Fox

The prize-winning story from last year’s Quebec Writing Competition