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Maisy's Most-Read Stories of 2013

Our fifth annual round-up of the most-read pieces, from cover stories to blogs, posted on the Maisy site. Here are 2013's top reads. 

1. "In Too Deep" by Lisan Jutras

Jutras' cover story from Issue 49, in which she travels to a porn set to reconcile her desire with her morals, took the top-read spot this year. 

2. "Is Egg Donation Dangerous" by Alison Motluk

Motluk's award-winning investigation into egg donation graced our cover in Winter 2012, and when it went online in January of 2013, it became one of our most popular pieces. 

3. "Game Changer" by Megan Jones

Jones' look at international live-action role play, or larp, showed us that the pastime might be more than just fun and games. 

4. "A Disillusioned Defence of Obama" by Niko Block 

In this blog post, Block discusses the conflicts inherent to supporting the president in his second term.  

5. "The Elite Yellow Peril" by Kim Fu 

Fu's piece from Issue 49 explored the role her race has played at different points in her life, and asks if we ever get a say in how we're defined. 

6. "Editors' Picks" by Drew Nelles 

To celebrate publishing our 50th issue, we asked former editors to share five favourite stories from their time at the mag. Former Editor-in-Chief Drew Nelles' choices became one our of most-read posts of the year. 

7. "When the Monks Come to Town" by Mark Mann

Mann's investigation, from Issue 47, into a mysterious group of organic-farming, lobster-saving monks setting up a home on Prince Edward Island was one of the most-read and most-discussed pieces we ran this year. 

8. "Meth Mecca" by Elizabeth Foster

In Issue 49, Foster examined the effect of the methamphetamine trade on a small New Brunswick town that serves as the gateway to the Maritimes. 

9. "What's Eating Little Portugal" by Eric Andrew-Gee 

Andrew-Gee's investigation into high dropout rates in Toronto's Little Portugal ran in our Fall 2012 issue and when it was published on the web in January of 2013, it became one of our most popular online reads. 

10. "India's Female Vigilantes" by Deni Béchard

Béchard's Summer 2013 piece took us inside the Gulabi Gang, a group of women in rural India who are banding together to stop gender-based violence.