Register Tuesday | September 19 | 2017
Illiberal Winds Illustration by Melissa Ling.

Illiberal Winds

As Christopher Szabla reports, Canada has been cast as the last bastion of liberalism. Are we up to the role?

“Walled World,” an infographic map that went viral in 2009, depicted the Earth as part enclave of the rich—an exclusive, gated community of nations containing the overwhelming majority of the world’s wealth and only a fraction of its population—surrounded by an outland of the poor, highlighting the security measures separating the two in bold red lines: Mediterranean patrols deterring migrants on Europe’s edge, desert fence-posts along the US–Mexican border. In doing so, the map refuted the long-popular idea that the fall of the Berlin Wall, twenty years earlier, had marked the end of divisions between nation-states, symbolically heralding an age of globalization, freedom of movement and trade, and universal liberal democracy. 

Today, those walls—both physical and psychological—seem not only to be growing taller, but creeping inside the subdivision, rising even between countries in the wealthy West. From Hungary’s hostility to refugees, to ...

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