Register Monday | September 26 | 2022

The Fall 2022 Music Room

New music from Eliza Niemi, Aquakultre, Tina Leon, and Steve Bates.

Eliza Niemi—Staying Mellow Blows

Eliza Niemi has a knack for details. On her full-length debut, Staying Mellow Blows (Vain Mina), the Toronto-based songwriter describes a series of vignettes that live and die by their specifics. Niemi’s narrator waits in line at The Beer Store with a lover who won’t last; she watches tea get cold while she should be sleeping; she finds freedom behind the handlebars of her bike. Through delicate instrumentals and narrative lyricism, Niemi stitches together a montage of life as a work-in-progress. Despite its title, the album largely consists of laid-back compositions fleshed out by an impressive roster of indie collaborators (Cedric Noel, Lauren Spear, Matthew Cardinal, among many others). The songs are built around gently strummed guitars, experimental cellos and melancholy keys. Small production moments highlight Niemi’s attention to particulars and her sense of humour. On standout single “Sushi California,” seagulls squawk ...

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