Register Monday | September 26 | 2022

Frozen Fruit

One of my simplest delights is eating a piece of fruit in the shower. First, I carefully select it and place it in the freezer. Once the fruit has had some time to chill, I bring it into my steam-filled bathroom, where I eat the refreshing snack under the hot water. The fruit’s aroma fills the room. I don’t need to worry about getting the sticky juices on my hands or clothes. It’s a gift to the senses—unbridled joy.

Historically, the visual motif of fruit has represented harvest and abundance, virtues and beliefs, good fortune, or the season. I’ve gravitated toward fruit in my artistic practice when I wish to convey a quiet longing or a reminder that the passage of time cannot be willed to shift.

A few years ago, I was moved by a story by writer Fred Wah in which he reflects ...

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