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One Woman's Memories Art by Lauren Crazybull  

One Woman's Memories

There are a few portraits of Jesus in Louise’s home. In all of them, Jesus’s gaze is both sincere and unspecific and, because of this, it evokes whatever the onlooker needs it to, but always with deep seriousness. Today, it reflects back Louise’s sombreness. Because it feels good to have your emotions reflected back to yourself, she hasn’t ever taken down the portraits. Jesus represents for her life as a kind of quality, something not equivalent to biography though certainly bound up in it. It is like motherhood, Louise has thought once or twice. To be a mother is to represent for someone else life as an abstract quality.

Louise isn’t a practicing Catholic, but she does believe in heaven and the transmutability of suffering. Louise might say that suffering doesn’t exist for the sake of itself. She wouldn’t use the word suffering ...

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