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Summer 2010

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The French Invasion

Montreal is now home to a growing population of French newcomers. But what’s the allure of Quebec, and does it live up to expectations?

The Eh-List

You’ve heard of grindhouse, blaxploitation and kung fu flicks. But Canada has its own unique B-movie tradition—Canuxploitation—and new directors are catching on.

The Intelligent Universe

The next stage in evolution—a machine consciousness able to manipulate time and space—is just around the corner. The catch: humans will no longer be in charge.

The Music We Hate: Online Supplement

Online companion essays to our print-only "The Music We Hate" feature: Daniel Johnston, Destroyer, Belle and Sebastian, Lady Gaga, Timber Timbre, the xx and more.

The Music We Hate: Radiohead

"Radiohead's Intelligent Musicianship is always up in my face. It’s like being distracted, mid-act, by the fine detailing of a partner’s high-end labial cosmetic surgery."