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Giving Up Glyphosate Photography by Chris Donovan

Giving Up Glyphosate

The forestry industry’s prized pesticide may be harming people and nature. Is it time to stop spraying?

As anyone who’s spent time in a forest knows, the quiet in even the most remote stretch of woods is never complete. Absent the rise and fall of human voices, the thrum of traffic from a nearby road, the distant tear of a passing plane, there are still sounds—the rustle of some small creature making its way furtively through the undergrowth, the drone of insects, the fluttering of leaves.

But in the Northern Ontario forests Troy Woodhouse first started exploring as a young man, a new kind of quiet has taken hold. In his early twenties, Woodhouse worked as a forester and moved from mixed boreal forests to monoculture plantations of spruce and pine. On his trips to assess the quality of timber prior to harvest, Woodhouse eventually felt the relaxation of being in the bush slip away. In its place, a feeling of unease crept in—it ...

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